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You’ve found America’s best kept secret, right here in Edmond, OK. If you’re a pilot, have prior military service and want to continue serving your country, or simply have a desire to volunteer and serve your community then the Civil Air Patrol is the right place to be. Our unit is growing, and we need your help!

The Civil Air Patrol is an all volunteer organization that is the official auxiliary to the United Stated Air Force. Put simply, we are patriots — A vital force that protects Americans in need by responding to when called to duty. We preserve the values that make our country great by developing young leaders as part of our Cadet Program, helping to ensure our country’s preeminence in aviation through our Aerospace Education program, and providing useful services to the Air Force as part of our Emergency Services mission.


Cadet membership is open to youth who are at least 12 years old and in the sixth grade and have not yet turned 19 years old.  The general process goes like this:

  • STEP 1: Plan to visit a meeting.

  • STEP 2: Come visit a meeting and find out more about us.  Prospective members must visit three meetings before joining.  At your third meeting, bring your parent so that we can meet with them and provide the online cadet application link!

  • STEP 3: New Cadet Orientation & Training. New cadets learn how to be a CAP cadet through the Great Start program in our unit. During this process new cadets earn their first promotion, learn to wear the uniform, and develop military customs and courtesies.


Adult members in Civil Air Patrol are called “Senior Members”. Senior members provide the lifeblood of the organization, and enable CAP to carry out our Missions for America. Adult members can fill many different roles in the organization such as pilot, aircrew member, ground search team member, communications expert, aerospace educator, squadron administration, command/leadership, and much more. 

To join as a Senior Member please visit one of our squadron meetings, which are held every Thursday of each month. Parents/Guardians of a cadet may choose to join as a “Cadet Sponsor Member”.  CSMs have lower dues and serve primarily as chaperones.

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